Searching for a designer bag, but cannot afford the brand new prices? The solution is always to get pre-owned bags. The pre-owned bags I sell are from various customers who are either in need of cash, or would like the money to purchase a different bag. I always insist on taking in the pre-owned bag and inspecting it myself to ensure I give you the best & most honest description. Since these bags are not mine, I can give you the most objective description - mentioning any flaws which are notable. However please note that all observations implied or expressed are personal opinions only. Since description of items are a matter of opinion and not an exact science, please ask questions for I may have overlooked something that may be of importance to you. I have taken many pictures of each item to clearly show its condition, so when in doubt, please let the pictures speak for themselves.

Most of the bags seen here however, are truly in excellent condition and really a worthwhile buy. Their original retail prices are all way above RM1k and some even ranging to RM2k and above. Check out how reasonable their prices are below! You will never find prices like these anywhere for bags in such good condition with still 95-99% of life left to wear.

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Note: From Oct 2010, all SOLD items will be removed from the site to enable easier scrolling. Todate, more than 150 pieces of preowned items have been sucessfully sold :)


Measures 13.25 x 12.25 x 3.5 inches approx
This lovely Coach leather hobo is in good condition overall. Only upon close inspection will you notice some minor wear as seen in the last picture. These flaws are only seen upon close inspection and not obvious overall. We in fact missed it when we first looked the bag over, and it was only when we took photos and examined very closely were these seen. Due to the color, any flaws present are easily camouflaged. The rest of the bag appear flawless and looks like it has hardly been carried. This bag can be carried on the shoulder as well as crossbody via the long detachable strap. 
Actual retail in KL was RM16++
Clerarance Sale: RM499 all inclusive

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